US Department of Transportation compliant (DOT SP-11917 NRC240/300 M1119).
Will only ship via UPS Ground Services. Cannot be shipped by air or expedited services.

KWA Green Gas is a high performance propellant with added isobutane and silicone oil added for optimum performance. Prolong the life of your seals and airsoft investment with the best quality green gas in airsoft. Don’t risk the performance of your KWA weapon and settle for cheap imitations with impurities.  Non-ozone depleting. Final packaging may differ from image shown.

Compatibility: All gas powered airsoft guns
Capacity: 13.5 oz weight with 8 fl oz of gas per canister
Material: Metal canister
Output Pressure: 115+/- PSI at 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius)

Directions for Use: Invert can and make sure charging nozzle is directly perpendicular to the valve stem. Press nozzle into magazine reservoir for 2-3 seconds. Repeat as necessary until reservoir is full. Valve misalignment will cause gas leak when charging and result in an inadequate charge. For best performance, allow your airsoft gun magazine to reach room temperature before and during use. Rapid firing may cause gas in magazine to freeze. If this occurs, remove magazine and allow magazine to warm to room temperature before continuing.

Technical Measures: Comply with applicable regulations. Cylinders should be stored upright with valve protection cap in place and firmly secured to prevent falling. Keep at temperatures below 52°C / 125°F.

Storage Conditions: Store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Keep in fireproof place. Store locked up.

Product Warnings

DANGER: High pressure flammable gas can form explosive mixtures with air. Contact with liquid causes frostbite. Do not incinerate! Container temperature should not exceed 120°F (49 °C). Do not drop.

WARNING: Store and use under well ventilated conditions. Wear protective equipment during handling. Avoid skin or eye contact. Do not connect to high pressure side, can may burst causing bodily injury. All labeled hazard precautions must be observed.

FIRST AID: If inhaled, remove victim to fresh air. If not breathing, administer artificial respiration. For eye contact with liquid, flush with lukewarm water for at least fifteen (15) minutes. For skin contact with liquid, flush with water while removing contaminated clothing. If frostbitten, warm the affected area using lukewarm water until circulation returns. In all cases, obtain immediate medical attention.

KWA Green Gas Performance Test


Assumption: Test how many shots a single KWA Green Gas can provide. Average number of shots in a 12 Oz Green Gas can is 500-1000.

Ambient Temperature: 78 Degrees Fahrenheit

Guns Tested: 1 LM4C, 1 AK KCR


LM4C GBB Rifle: 1x green gas + 4 LM4 Magazines
AKG-KCR: 1x green gas can + 5 AKG Magazines

Gas Capacity: filled each magazine for 30-seconds
Magazine Capacity: filled to max capacity of 40 rounds.


Test Fire: Kept reloading magazines with BBs until all gas was consumed. Process repeated until gas can was empty & could not achieve a 30-second fill. Magazines were cool to the touch after gas was empty and refilled without warming time.
LM4C GBB Rifle: 920 total rounds
AKG-KCR: 840 total rounds

Green Gas/GBB Videos


To get optimal performance and increase efficiency out of your GBB magazines, you should prime the magazine before charging. Watch the video to learn how.


Watch as our friends at Sniper (Germany, KWA Authorized Dealer) put the KWA LM4 & ATP through freezing conditions.

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 2 in
Qty of Cans

Can, Case of 12