KWA is committed to supporting its authorized dealers with the best quality products, the highest level of service, and customer satisfaction.

Tech Support

KWA's highly experienced Tech & Customer Support teams are on standby to answer your tech questions.

Customer Support

Enjoy the industry’s best customer service, for your store and your customers.

Dealer Programs

As KWA continues to evolve as a brand, we've evolved in the way we do business too. Take advantage of the different types of dealer programs designed for success.

Business Health

We focus on your business health because your store is important to us. Our team of professionals are here to help you build a bigger and better brand.



We believe in the power of content and storytelling. With our growing efforts to change the way we speak with our end-users, the importance of partnerships & collaboration will be as crucial as ever. Let’s work together to make a successful relationship with our customers!

Marketing Questions? Contact Us!

Certification Courses

Educate your team!

Join KWA’s specified training for both tech and sales. We’ve set a new standard above the rest & teach you how to best sell KWA products. Completion of each certification includes perks and rewards.


sell without stress over inventory

Dealers have access to all of KWA’s products to generate new sales through Drop Shipping. With drop shipping, orders are sent directly from our warehouse to your customers upon dealer’s online sales.

Rental Programs

Position your field for quality experiences

We want to put more KWA guns back in rental fields more to help advocate new sales. By being more involved with fields while making sure to take care of rental units being used by players.


KWA is constantly evolving the way we launch new products.

We’ve teamed up with some of the best professional marketing teams in Los Angeles to help build Airsoft to it’s next level. By using video, social media, and proper SEO suited for Airsoft, we want to be referring our leads to you. Let us refer our traffic to your store by getting more involved with KWA. 

By signing up as a dealer and starting your first order. We will also release our inventory list and programs provided by KWA.

There is a 1 time minimum order of 3k, after which we will take any orders from our dealers. Our wish to support and provide products needed. 

Please notify us as soon as possible and we will get it corrected for you. If something is wrong with the product, please file an RMA and it will be taken care of appropriately. We will do our best to assist you and resolve any issue.

KWA products will come with a 90 day warranty. The warranty starts from the day of purchase from your customer.

That is okay! Please contact us and will we work out a program suitable for your situation.

Have a Question?

Ask Us!

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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Fill Out the Online Form

  1. Complete the KWA Authorized Reseller Application online by clicking here.
  2. For authorized dealers who prefer to pay via ACH or e-check, please download, complete and return this form.

If you’re interested in becoming a KWA Authorized Distributor, please download the Distributor Terms & Conditions, then contact us for more details.



Once you’re part of the KWA Authorized Dealer Network, drive more traffic to your store by listing your store hours, directions, pictures, videos and more in the KWA Store Finder.

Contact Us

Go directly to the  KWA Authorized Reseller Application by clicking here.

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