the complete training kit

KWA’s new “stay at home” package is an excellent way for new and veteran shooters to hone their fundamentals. Practice sight alignment, weapon handling, transition drills, proper grip technique, and even basic target practice with safe and easy-to-use airsoft pistols.


As close to real firearms training as you can get

  • Our airsoft guns maintain similar weight, feel, and functionality as real firearms.
  • Gas Blow Back pistols and rifles rely on Green Gas (propane mixture) to cycle and fire 6mm plastic BB’s. This allows pistol slides to reciprocate and cycle just like real firearms with less perceived recoil.
  • Practice sight alignment, weapon handling, transition drills, proper grip technique, and even basic target practice with safe and easy-to-use airsoft pistols.
  • With a few easy instructions, magazines can be modified to enable “dry-fire” mode – full recoil action without firing a projectile. This allows for even more freedom while practicing trigger pulls and target acquisition.
  • Each kit comes with a KWA Professional Training Pistol, 6mm Biodegradable BB’s, Green Gas,  and at least three aluminum knock-down targets.
  • All airsoft guns are federally mandated to come standard with a safety orange barrel tip or muzzle device. Although this is intended to easily identify replica airsoft guns from real firearms, please treat airsoft guns as you would their real counterparts.

Please read all instructions and follow safety guidelines when operating all KWA products.

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Made with Experience

We’re the only trusted brand by Law Enforcement agencies all over the world with proper airsoft training as a platform. Take a look at why we’re in the lead with our Law Enforcement training.

Pistol Platforms


The KWA M9 PTP operates in both single and double action and features a working decocker safety that allows the user to train with M9 weapon manipulation. The pistol was adopted by the US Military after it won the XM9 Trials in 1985 and was reissued as the M9 when it officially entered service in 1990. The full metal lower frame and slide are designed to accurately replicate the dimensions of the M9.


The ATP-LE was designed with law enforcement training in mind. The lower polymer frame and aluminum alloy slide makes the pistol light and cost effective. The accessory rail provides the operator with a tactical advantage and three dot sights allow for a rapid target acquisition. The ATP-LE also features an interchangeable back strap that allows the shooter to customize the fit and feel to their personal needs.

1911 MKII

The M1911 MK PTP allows operators to train with a 1911 style pistol while providing a tactical advantage over the older 1911 design. All MK series feature front and rear serrations that allow easy weapon manipulation and 3-dot combat sights for quick target acquisition. In addition, the MK II feature a Picatinny rail for weapon accessories such as lights and lasers


We teamed up with some of the best trainers, law enforcement officers, professional shooters, and more to help guide your training at home. 

Take a look at the entire series of training videos here!





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