The KWA AEG outer barrels are a major component of KWA’s legendary KM4 Series, and showcase the quality for which KWA is famous. With the interchangeable barrel bases and extensions in stock, the custom size options are virtually limitless!

Click the picture to see the reference guide for outer barrels, then select your barrel section from the drop down.

#556-5: The updated one-piece barrel for the KM4 SR7.

#299S-OB: This complete outer barrel fits the KM4 CQB, Commando, and CQR Mod 2. It also fits the KM4 SR7, but is not of a one-piece design. Please also note that some versions of the KM4 Commando come with a one-piece outer barrel, but either this or the one-piece version will fit the Commando.

#299: This rear section will fit the KM4 CQB, CQRs Mod 1 and 2, KM4A1, and KM4 RIS. It will also fit the KM4 Commando and SR7 when purchased with barrel piece 299-2.

#299-1: This front barrel section fits the KM4 RIS, KM4A1, and CQR Mod 1.

#299-2: This front barrel section fits the KM4 CQB, CQR Mod 2, and when paired with part 299 will fit the KM4 SR7 or KM4 Commando.

#546-5: This rear outer barrel fits the KM4 SR10. Please note that this will NOT fit the RM4 SR10, only the KM4 SR10.

#546-6: This is the front section to the KM4 SR10.

#328: This one-piece barrel fits the KM16BR as well as the KM4 SR12.

All barrels are to scale with the measuring tape and all visible threads are 14mm CCW, so you can customize your rifle to fit your game style!

Barrel Section

#299, #299-1, #299-2, #299S-OB, #328, #546-5, #546-6, #556-5