Introducing the
KWA Protection Plus

Thriving in the unpredictable world of airsoft requires reliable equipment. Our KWA Protection Plus offers you that much-needed assurance, providing comprehensive protection for your gear.


How to Purchase

- Choose your preferred Protection Plus plan when purchasing.


Extended warranty: Secure your gear

With the KWA Extended Warranty, you can extend the safety net for your airsoft equipment for either 1 or 2 additional years beyond the standard warranty. To secure this, simply opt for it at the time of purchase or within 30 days of buying your gear.


Discounted Replacement Parts: Economical Repair Solutions

We know that repairs are a part of the game, and we’ve made sure they don’t strain your pocket. The KWA Protection Plus offers significant discounts on all replacement parts, ensuring cost-effective maintenance.


No Hidden Charges: Tech Fees Waived

We believe in transparency. The KWA Protection Plus waives your initial repair fee, enabling our expert technicians to restore your gear to prime condition without any extra charges.


Shipping Made Simple: Cooperative Effort

All you need to do when it’s time for service is to ship your airsoft gun to us. Once we’ve completed the repairs, we’ll cover the cost of shipping your gear back to you.

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let’s navigate through our BENEFITS

Benefits of KWA Protection Plus


No $35 repair fee

Experience the KWA Protection Plus with no $35 repair fee, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for your devices.


Discounts on all replacement parts

Unlock exclusive savings on all replacement parts with the KWA Protection Plus, making repairs more affordable than ever.


Free return shipping after repairs

Enjoy the convenience of free return shipping after repairs with the KWA Protection Plus, ensuring a seamless experience for getting your devices back in top shape


Pricing plans:
1-year Extended Warranty + 1-year repair plan for $100;
1-year Extended Warranty + 2-year repair plan for $175.

What Isn't Covered by the plan?

The program does not cover normal wear and tear, cosmetic damage, preventative maintenance, loss or theft of equipment, reckless or intentional damage, use of non-KWA aftermarket parts, or damage from external causes like fire, earthquakes, floods, and more.

Join the KWA Protection Plus today. Put your focus where it belongs – on the thrill of the game. We’ll handle the rest!

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