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2021 outlook

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a word from tom,
the kwa marketing guy

To the KWA Army,

KWA recognizes that airsoft is a source of entertainment, socialization, and for many, an escape from reality. We are determined to continue to provide the tools and products for the enjoyment of all airsofters. While we did witness a pause within our industry last year, we also saw the airsoft community rally together. You guys kept supporting your local fields, stores, and brands like KWA – so we are extremely grateful to have fans like you who keep the spirit of airsoft stronger than ever.

I’m not usually one of many words, but to those who read this, I hope what we show this year will bring some excitement and joy to your hearts. The team here at KWA will continue to strive and continue to build the airsoft community and the growing KWA Army.

BIG shoutout to you all !

– Tom S.

The KWA Marketing Guy

The next in line

the 2021 reveal


Special Edition Collection '21


-the show continues-

kwa fight night

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The first ever KWA Fight Night was met with high expectations and worthy results. Not only did we create the best 1vs1 airsoft presentation to date, but we drew attention from the video game and entertainment industry. Our mission was to create the best presentation that allows viewers to follow the action and provide insight with our highly skilled team of commentators. This year, you’ll see KWA Fight Night expand towards MORE events, worldwide adaptations, a global leaderboard, and stars will be born. Stay tuned!

TK.45C2 & FDE

Get the TK.45c2 in Black or Flat Dark Earth 

Introducing the brand FDE line

FDE Line-Up: Tk.45, TK.45c2, Ronin T6, Ronin T10

TK.45c2 FDE 


TK.45 FDE 


Ronin T6 FDE 

Ronin T10 FDE 

Our Global

brand vision

With a brand new team at KWA, we’ve hired professionals to design every detail from head to toe. This covers everything from our rifles, to our presentations, and now we’d like to introduce our apparel. 


KWA is constantly evolving the way we launch new products.

We’ve teamed up with some of the best professional marketing teams in Los Angeles to help build Airsoft to it’s next level. By using video, social media, and proper SEO suited for Airsoft, we want to be referring our leads to you. Lets draw traffic to your store by getting involved with KWA.